We are passionate creators who love designing quality products to enhance your everyday.

What we do

Bambooti specializes in designing and creating wooden and stone accessories for your everyday gadgets. In a world where everything seems over-designed, our extraordinary products represent a return to natural purity and provide a distinctive character for our customers.

Our story

Bambooti was born in 2015 from friendship and the drive to create and design amazing things.

As friends, Freek Gielen and Pieter Van Moll, had no other vision than to “make cool stuff from wood, have fun doing it and make customers feel good about their everyday accessories.”

“Over the last year, we’ve been on a very winding path to find our way. We started out with no experience in product development or manufacturing so we knew that ‘outsourcing the Bambooti production’ was the right thing to do.”

But to be more flexible and creative, and to improve on quality and lead times, Freek and Pieter decided to set up a Bambooti production factory. This meant taking control of the whole process from start to finish: finding the right suppliers and materials, designing the products and ship them to the customer.

After several setbacks Freek and Pieter were able to set up their very own production woodshop. Together with a dedicated team, they’re now in a position to design and create the most astonishing smartphone and MacBook accessories, handmade from various natural materials.

When they started out they never could have expected it turning into what it is today: An established brand shipping wooden and stone accessories all over the globe.

Our team
Freek Gielen


Pieter Van Moll


Wouter Maesen


Marinke Van Laer


Hendrik-Jozef Bisschop


Our factory

The Bambooti production factory is located in Belgium. “We are very proud about our products and about the way we have set things up for manufacturing.”

Handmade from start to finish, Crafted with precision

Every Bambooti product is handcrafted in our own workshop. After cutting the materials with a high precision laser, every detail is carefully addressed by our production team. We examine every product, hand sand it and apply a special seal to coat and protect the wood or the stone before it gets dispatched to you.

High Quality and eco-friendly Materials

Well-crafted products weren’t made to be mass-produced. We take an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to produce each one of our accessories to the very best of our ability. We insist on using quality materials to ensure your gadgets are always safe.

The woods we use are FSC-certified, meaning they are sustainably sourced. We envision being a company that not only helps our planet in a meaningful way but also provide service to the people that inhabit it.